Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Linking up with my girl Jenna {} and her friend Crystal {} for "Thankful Thursday"!

Here's what I am thankful for today:

  • My boys. Not everyday is lollipops, sunshine, and roses...but I don't think I could every thank God enough for these two little rays of sunshine!
  • That tomorrow is Friday. I am always thankful for Fridays. :)
  • My husband. I don't pretend our marriage is perfect, because it's not. We fight, stay stupid things, and get mad. But, there is no one I would rather fight with, make-up with, and have inside jokes with. We have been through a lot, and it has only made us stronger. We just get each other. And at the end of the day, there is no one I would rather spend my time with. He supports me as a wife, mom, and most importantly as a person. When I became a mom I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't lose my identity. I love being a mom more than anything, but I love having things that I do for myself too. Most importantly, I'm thankful for a husband who understands that and never complains when I want to go work out or go out with my friends. You know you found "the one" when you can just give each other a look and you know exactly what the other is thinking. It could be the I'm gonna kill you look, the this person is crazy look, the let's go make out look, or just the look. We have "the look" down, and I love that the most. 

  • Real friends. You know...the ones will tell you when you look fat, are being a bitch, and bring you Starbucks because they know you are having a bad day. They don't keep score, they are there whenever you need anything, and can make you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. I am so lucky to have some amazing friends in my life, and don't take any of them for granted!
  • My family. The older I get I realize how crappy some people have it in the family department. I have been beyond blessed with two sisters who are my best friends, and a mom and a dad who would do anything for the boys and I. We say it like it is in my family, have about 23847397 inside jokes, and would pretty much cut a bitch for each other. ;) It's a great feeling to know we can always count on one another!
  • Dawson's Preschool. He absolutely loves it and is learning so much. He has made some great friends, and I know when I drop him off he is well taken care of! I love that he loves school. I hope he always has that love for learning. 
 He is so into spelling right now! 

  • And, last but certainly not least...Fall. Fall. and Fall.  Did I mention I love Fall? ;)

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  1. Can I get an amen for real friends!! It's crazy the younger I was I thought I needed all these friends and the older I have gotten I am so blessed I just have a handful!! - Thank you for linking up I hope to see you next week to!!


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