Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Pics {Dawson-4, Hudson-1}

We absolutely love our photographer! We have been using her since Dawson was one and she is always able to capture THE best smiles! We had originally planned to try and take outdoor shots, but a little ole tornado watch got in our way that day. ;) You never know what the weather is going to be like in November in could be snowing one day, then 60 and sunny the next. 
Super bi-polar around here! But, we braved the weather and were able to make our pictures happen.  As always, I love these! Especially, of my sweet boys. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hudson's First Birthday!

When trying to decide on a theme, there was really no question that "Little Turkey" would be it! In fact, this little turkey woke me up last Thanksgiving morning with labor pains. I wasn't scheduled for my C-section until the following Monday, but Hudson had other plans! ;) I was able to hold off for one more day, but after having contractions the entire night we decided that we would just head to the hospital that next morning. Mr. Hudson Mack was born just a few hours later. :)

From day one, he has been our mover and shaker! He is always on-the-go, yet go-with-the-flow at the same time. His smile lights up the entire room, and there is quite possibly nothing cuter than watching his "excited face" complete with him waving his hands up and down while bouncing. :) When he wasn't playing with toys this past year, you could find him trying to eat cat food, play in the trash, and trying to get into the cabinet with all the cleaners in it. ;) He loves his big brother more than anything, and I cannot wait to see them grow up together!

Hudson pretty much loves all food, took to Vitamin D milk like a champ, and is taking lots of steps. Although, this kid can crawl at a super lightening fast speed so that is still his preferred method of transportation. ;) Cars and Trucks are his fave right now, along with Sesame Street. We couldn't imagine our life without this little turkey and are so beyond thankful to have him in our lives. Happy FIRST Birthday, Hudson Mack! We love you!!

We decided on just a family party this year, and I'm so glad we did. 
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful "village" who love and support us! 

Soups, garlic toast with cheese dip, fruit and veggies!

|Cake Smash|


I just love his little face and chubby cheeks in this picture. :)

You just can't go wrong with balloons. Ever.