Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our day in pictures & the things I learned.

I wanted to post this yesterday, ya know on the actual day it happened. But, the sinus headache from hell reared it's ugly head and I opted to watch TV, dope up on Benadryl, and pass out early. :)

Yesterday was "one of those days". You know the ones. The ones where you have good mixed with bad...but fits and crying outweigh the good. Mostly fits and crying from myself by the end of the day! ;) 

Here is a little glimpse into our day:

I learned that no matter how many times I ask Dawson if he wants to "try something new to eat" he's going to give me his famous furrowed brow followed by a no. So for now, my picky kid wins...I'll make the damn PB& J for the 923847293 time and let him eat baby cereal with baby fruit in the morning. That's right, my 4-year-old eats baby cereal every morning while my 9 mo. mows down on normal food. 
Weird. Weird. and Weird.

I learned that you have to choose your battles, but Mommy will always win the clothing war. I'm sorry, but no I will not let you go out of the house in a dirty Monkey Joe's shirt with a toothpaste stain on it. Gross. 
And, for that I got this:

A rip-roaring fit in undies because he didn't want to get dressed. 

 I learned that both Dawson and I are creatures of habit. We went to Storytime at the library for the first time this month since it started back up. I could see the look on his face when he didn't see Mrs. Hill {the lady who normally does storytime.} It was the "oh, hell to the no!" look. In fact, it was the same look that I was giving her in my mind because I'm 33 and try to refrain from looking like an asshole unless necessary. Let's be honest, storytime without Mrs. Hill was lame. Daws knew it, I knew it...but it got us out of the house for an hour so I'll take it. 

I learned that no matter how crazy my kids drive me, how tired I am, or how much I just want to crawl a hole and escape sometimes...I love these boys more than anything and more than I ever thought I could love someone. When I catch them playing like this it melts my heart and somehow just magically erases my bad mood. 

"Look Mommy, I'm loving on Mackey."
I learned that sometimes you just have to grab your camera first before helping your kids. ;)
"Someone? Anyone?"

I learned that Hudson has developed my love for food. The kid threw a gigantic fit with full on alligator tears because he didn't think he was getting any of the Mac & Cheese from Panera. And, when I walked past him to give Dawson his bowl first...OH MY LANTA. You would've thought the world was ending. It was hilarious! I then realized that I'm going to have two fit throwers and well, they both get that honest. ;)

I learned that the days are long, but the years are short. A glass of wine helps with the long days and the 298437287 daily pictures I take of my kids help me remember the short years. For every one thing they do to drive me bat-shit crazy they do 10 cute/hilarious things to make up for it. And at the end of the day, those 10 cute things are what I remember. Those are the things that I tell my husband about when he gets home from work. Those are the things I post on facebook. 
Those are the things I take pictures of. 

Because in the end...those are what matter most. :)


  1. This is too cute. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't cute when it was happening, but when you can look back and giggle a bit, then it was a good day.
    I see that brow furrow everyday with my 2 year old when I feed him. He has started his picky eating phase, but he used to eat everything under the sun.

    I love the photos! My favorite is of Hudson stuck under the toy! I wish I could remember to grab a camera in those moments!

  2. The picture of Hudson stuck is too cute!! Glad I'm not the only momma who snaps pictures first!

  3. This post just made my day...Seriously, we've all been there a time or 2! It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but the good always outweighs the bad!! Loved this post...and I know I've said it before, but your boys are beyond adorable!!

  4. You nailed it exactly! You are such a great mommy, and it shows! Love you!

  5. a 10:1 ratio is great! still regret not taking a picture of ari when he got his head stuck in the bars on the staircase :)

    1. Don't you remember me asking..."Did you take a picture??" ;)


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