Friday, September 13, 2013

FIve on Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! THE best day of the week, for sure. Especially today as I sit here typing in a quiet, kidless house. ;) My parents are here for Grandparent's Day at school for Daws and are also taking him to lunch, and my sister took Hudson to the museum this morning.
Hello, 3 hours of freedom-I barely know what to do with myself right now! :) 

As usual, linking up with Darci today for the Five on Friday!

| ONE |

I'm having a serious love affair with this stuff this week. I was nervous about packaged guacamole, but it turned out to be so good! I may have guacamole every day of the week this week. ;)

| TWO |

I was able to trick my little Mr. Sassy Pants Daws this week and capture him saying The Pledge of Allegiance. :) In honor of 9-11, I thought it was perfect to share!


I love everything about this. 
I'm thinking for Hudson's birthday this would be super cute to use a photo for each of his 12 months!

| FOUR |

I had like ZERO motivation to work out this week. Zero. 
I seriously had to force myself to get to the gym. Then I stumbled upon this and it made me laugh outloud. And, on that note I say...touche. ;)

| FIVE |

Did I also mention I work out so I can eat cupcakes? 
How cute is this Cupcake Ghost for a Halloween party?!

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

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  1. I'm not a guac fan, but I may have to try that! What do you dip it or put it on?

    I love the idea of the balloons with a photo from each month!


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