Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Whit!

Today is my youngest sister's 27th birthday! I spent 95% of our childhood playing mom, because as the oldest that's just what I did. Oh, and let's not sweep that sweet bowl cut under the rug! Seriously, why did every mother in the 80's torture their GIRLS with that cut?! Anyways, we just joked over the phone that I'm pretty sure this as the token picture I always use for her birthday post on facebook.  Since she's the third child, Whit claims Mom took all of like two pictures of her. Mom denies it, but it's pretty much the truth. 
Sorry madre, but the proof is in the pudding. AKA-the lack of pictures. ;)

She is the best aunt to my boys and we are beyond lucky to have her in our lives!

We celebrated on Sunday with dinner at Mhaggiano's.
 Garry watched the boys so I could escape and have dinner with my family! :) 

Yes, those desserts were as amazing as they look!

The original 5.

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