Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Picture Faves.

November Hodge Podge...

Trying out all the elephants at Modoc's coffee shop in my hometown. ;)

Puzzles with Daddy.

Museum with best buddies.
Mommy winning the Mother-of-the-year award in the car.

Just another day in climber's paradise.

Our first snow! Note the screen in the picture because I wasn't as excited about going outside to eat snow. ;)

It's Hulk mania in our house right now. All superheroes, all the time.

My little helper crawled in the cabinet to "help" me pack. ;)

Trying out bubby's old Christmas jams!


This poor little blog has been neglected over the past month, so here's my attempt to try and get back in the game! Garry and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on October 28th. And by celebrate, I mean he went to chorus and got home at midnight while I laid in bed, watched tv, and ate chips. ;) Hopefully, we will be able to squeeze in some sort of date night soon...but with a move and first birthday party planning going on,it's pretty much taking a back burner for the moment. 

This man is the only one who can drive me absolute insane yet be my everything all at the same time. We've been through a lot this past year, and have come out stronger because of it. I love the memories we are making, the gazillion of inside jokes we have, and even the hard times we have gone through because it has made us appreciate each other that much more. 

Side note: What I wouldn't give to be that skinny again.

And, this may just be my favorite picture we've ever taken. 
After all, life is way too short to take things too seriously all the time. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


        H A P P Y    F R I D A Y !!!

Trick-or-Treating got postponed yesterday due to the weather, but we headed to a near-by antique mall where they were having indoor trick-or-treating. 
Tonight we will go actual trick-or-treating with friends! 
Happy Halloween from my little lion and scary vampire! ;)

Crockpot Potato Soup
I've made this soup twice now and it is delicious and super EASY! If you don't want to make in in your crockpot, you can just throw it all in a pot and cook it for about an hour and it tastes just as good. Perfect for all the upcoming chilly nights!
Find the recipe HERE

First Steps!

This week my baby took his first steps! And, the best was on our anniversary (which I STILL need to blog about. ;) Garry was actually able to see it too, which makes it that much better. :) He never comes home after work on Mondays because he goes straight to chorus after work. But this Monday he came home real quick and he literally walked in the door 2 minutes after Hudson took his first steps...then Hudson took a few steps to Daddy! We were so excited!! Of course, I was a crying disaster. ;) I love watching this sweet little baby grow and learn, but he seriously needs to slow down! 

Well, moving on to the next holiday. I'm in love with this tree. :)

The FIRST birthday countdown is on! This little turkey will be ONE on the 23rd--how is that even possible?! Here is the invitation that I made...