Monday, September 23, 2013

60 years and counting!

I mentioned that my grandparents celebrated 60 years together a few weeks ago. This weekend most of the family got together to celebrate them! It was nothing fancy, just a low-key cookout at Brown County Sate Park. Brown County is one of my favorite little towns. It just makes me happy. :)
 In fact, it makes me so happy that Garry and I decided to get married there. ;)

So, this past Saturday we spent the majority of the day at the park. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather! I keep thinking about being married for 60 years. How the heck do you make it to 60 years without killing each other?! I kid, I kid....kind of. ;) 
I have always been super close to both of them and am so fortunate to have them in my life!

With the exception of the big group picture that I somehow didn't get my camera ready for in time...must've been because I was trying to keep one kid from eating grass and the other from wandering is our day in pictures. :)

The lovebirds. 

My Dad and all of his brother and sisters except for one. 
I have no clue how both my kids are sitting still and smiling. See, miracles really do happen! ;)

The dirt on the knee is a sign of how much fun Daws was having. :)

Well, hello Fall!

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