Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cincinnati Zoo

We made the most of our 3-Day Weekend by roadtrippin' it to the Cincinnati Zoo on Sunday! We have been wanting to go all Summer and finally made it happen. My husband tried to play Mr. Practical since rain was in the forecast and thought we should opt for an indoor activity. Obviously, I won. ;) And, it didn't rain. Sorry dear, but "I told you so!" :) 
It was hot as hell, but the zoo was well-shaded so it didn't feel all that bad. 

We weren't able to fit everything in, so we are already thinking about another trip! We go to our zoo about 293847298374 times a year since we have a membership, and sometimes it just gets old. A little fun fact--the hubs and I are total zoo people. Like borderline over-the-top obsessed. Before our kids even existed we would always find a zoo to go to whenever we were somewhere new. I even catch myself saying, "That was a lot of fun, but we should totally go back without the kids." See...Obsessed. 

It is only an hour and 20 min. drive for us...of course we stopped three times on the way there which made it a little longer, but a great distance for a road trip with kids. 
Because let's face it, the less time in the car the better. ;)

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

What road trip is complete with a Mickey Dee's grease fest!
Perfect day for the zoo!

"Quilliam." Is that not THE best name for a porcupine?!

Both boys did great for being at the zoo for 5 hours straight-even with skipping Dawson's afternoon nap and Hudson barely sleeping in the stroller.
I love making memories with them--especially zoo memories. :)
 Luckily for us, the ride home was a quiet one! 

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