Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy and Me & Peter Pan!

Another weekend has come and gone! This was a fun one for Dawson and I. Because I was able to get some one-on-one time with my favorite little 4-year-old, I'm linking up for "Mommy and Me" Monday with Erin and Leah. :) 

Yesterday Daws and I {and the rest of the fam} went to see my sister in Peter Pan! Daddy stayed home with Hudson so we are able to enjoy some Mommy and Daws time. :) We have both been looking forward to going to the play to see "Aunt Yarie" for over month now! I love getting time with just Dawson just as I love getting time with just Hudson. 
Being one of three kids growing up, I always loved when my Mom took us out one-at-a-time for a "special day." I know Daws loves it too. When I was pregnant with Hudson I promised myself that I would make it a priority to devote time to each of my children individually whenever I could. I love being together as a family and seeing them interact with each other, but I also love spending time with each of them separate so I can really take things in and enjoy each of their personalities. :) 

My sister played Mrs. Darling and she was incredible. Like ridiculously amazing. Just the thought of getting up on stage to sing and act makes my palms sweat like a mother! I'll just stick to being the kind of  drama queen my husband will most likely say he gets to witness on a daily basis around here. ;) We had a great day visiting with my fam and supporting my sister. 
I wouldn't have missed this for the world and am so proud of her!

My handsome date. 
{Peter Pan}
Flowers for Aunt Yarie. :) 


Dear Captain Hook: Three words...Just For Men. That red beard with the black wig is KILLIN' me.

Today we had our very own "Tick Tock Croc" slithering around the house. Remember the acting gene that skipped me?  Well, it embedded itself in this child. ;)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

 This was the longest week EVER, so I am throwing out the TGIF!!! :)
 Linking up with Darci and the rest of the girls for my Friday favorites! 

Here is what I'm loving this week:

This face. I can never get enough of this face.

I'm such a sucker for free printable. I mean, who doesn't love a free printable?! 
I found this cute US map that would be adorable in the boys' playroom!
Download it HERE

My sister is playing Mrs. Darling in the community theatre's production of  Peter Pan this weekend! Dawson and I are heading to my hometown either Saturday night or early Sunday morning, and I couldn't be more excited. :) I am going to try and find a Peter Pan coloring page printable (shocker!!) for him to paint, add a quote from the movie, then frame it for Daws to give to her. 
We are super excited to see "Aunt Yarie" in her starring role! :)

I know the radio is playing this song to death, but I love it. It's my jam right now. ;)

DIY Kid's Chalkboard Table

How cute is this?! I think a Goodwill trip may be in my future!
I just need to know where I can find a handy husband to make the benches! ;)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...Halloween!

Fall and Halloween are in full force around this house! We've been crafting, playing in our sensory table, and painting pumpkins (yes, already.) I don't think I could love this season more if I tried! ;) We hit up Dollar Tree today for some halloween stuff to put in our sensory table. I heart the Dollar Tree like a fat kid loves cake. Daws does too, because when we stepped inside...he squealed. 
It was hilarious! 

And, Hudson loved it so much that he threw a fit (no joke!) because I tried to take away a big orange spoon from him. Hudson and the spoon-1 Me-0. Guess who has a new orange spoon now? ;)

Here are some things we've been up to in the Halloween department...

We bought a couple of mini pumpkins at the orchard a couple weeks ago. 
Daws decided he wanted to paint them. :)

My favorite purchase last year from the Dollar Tree!

Sensory Fun--Dollar Tree for the win, yet again! :)

Crafting. Lots and lots of crafting.

Marshmallow Ghost

Candy Corn--painting and gluing ripped paper.

Footprint Fall Tree

I love this book! I decided it was "Halloweenie" enough {yes, I just said weenie;} to make my own little printable. I just found this image off Yahoo and used to write the words.

Oh, and most importantly...Happy Thursday eve! Two hours and counting till the Bravermans are back in my family room. If there was ever a moment for a toe touch and some school spirit, this would be 
the one. I'm super pumped! ;) Happy season premiere night to all you Parenthood lovers out there! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Linking up with Shannon from Life After I 'Dew' for a round of So What Wednesday! 
And, since today has felt like a Monday and tomorrow feels like it should be Friday...
I am ready to throw my hands in the air and shout "SO WHAT!" ;) 


If I was going to write this post during naptime but got caught up on reality tv instead.

If I threw myself a pity party today when the hubs told me he was probably going to work on his day off this week. 6 days in a row. Even bigger pity party.

If I put Dawson to bed early because I was tired and couldn't stomach one more episode of Diego.

If I've been eating S'mores with peanut butter like they're going out of style.

If I've been dreaming of watching Criminal Mind tonight just so I can see Shemar Moore.

If I've officially turned into my mother. It was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

If I drink more Diet Coke that water. My kidneys are probably flipping me off right now....

If I want to brag about how awesome Dawson's number five is.

If at some point in the day we all had one of these moments. Ugly cry and all...

Well, I certainly hope everyone's hump day was better than mine!
Good news, is that tomorrow is a new day and for that I am thankful. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hudson-10 Months!

Here we are again. Another month closer to this sweet boy's birthday! 
He is my mover, my climber, and my "I don't want to sit still" little monkey. :)
Hudson's smile lights up a room. He loves to get into any and everything he shouldn't, but he looks so damn cute when he flashes a grin with those two front chicklet teeth that you just can't be mad. ;)

Here is a 10 month update on Mr. H:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Grandparent's Day!

Good thing this is my blog and I can blog about things way past the time they actually happened if I want to. ;) Okay, so "way past" may be a little dramatic. But, I don't want to forget about Grandparent's Day at Dawson's Preschool! It was just a couple of weeks ago, but somehow I totally forgot to write about it. Whooops-sorry Mom and Dad! 

 Daws was SO excited! Actually I'm not sure who was more excited--Daws or my parents. :) 
They took the day off work, and made the 2 hour drive the night before. 
We love when Mimi and Papa come to visit! I don't know if he truly knows how lucky he is yet, but he lucked out in the department of grandparents. He couldn't ask for two better ones, that's for sure! 

Cute alert!
Craft time with Mimi!

After their time at school, they took Dawson to one of his favorite places to eat--Boston Market. If you want to make that boy happy, just put a plate of their mac & cheese and chicken in front of him and he'll be your best friend for life. He's serious about that place. ;)

And last but not least, an over-the-top adorable video of the kids singing!
{Daws is in the back by the girl in blue. ;}

Thanks Mom and Dad for ALWAYS being there for your grandkids! We love you so much!

60 years and counting!

I mentioned that my grandparents celebrated 60 years together a few weeks ago. This weekend most of the family got together to celebrate them! It was nothing fancy, just a low-key cookout at Brown County Sate Park. Brown County is one of my favorite little towns. It just makes me happy. :)
 In fact, it makes me so happy that Garry and I decided to get married there. ;)

So, this past Saturday we spent the majority of the day at the park. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather! I keep thinking about being married for 60 years. How the heck do you make it to 60 years without killing each other?! I kid, I kid....kind of. ;) 
I have always been super close to both of them and am so fortunate to have them in my life!

With the exception of the big group picture that I somehow didn't get my camera ready for in time...must've been because I was trying to keep one kid from eating grass and the other from wandering is our day in pictures. :)

The lovebirds. 

My Dad and all of his brother and sisters except for one. 
I have no clue how both my kids are sitting still and smiling. See, miracles really do happen! ;)

The dirt on the knee is a sign of how much fun Daws was having. :)

Well, hello Fall!