Thursday, June 27, 2013

The last one.

This week and last it seems like everywhere I look are pictures of nurseries! I'm loving seeing them all, just feeling a little sad that Hudson's is the last nursery I will get to decorate. We are officially done (please God, don't let me have just jinxed that!) having kids. The hubs and I are super happy with our two boys and no, we don't want to "try for a girl" ;) Anybody else have two or more kids of the same sex that get asked that question all the time? SO annoying. But anyway, since I'm feeling a little sad that this is our last nursery I thought I would devote this post to H's room. Once I found out we were having another boy, I decided to go with a superhero theme. Warning: If you aren't a fan of color, this room will probably make you puke. ;) I love everything about how it turned out!
Here are some pictures of his Superhero color explosion of a nursery:

We decided to go with a rocking chair from Cracker Barrel, so we would be able to use it after Hudson doesn't need one his room anymore. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 months!

This past Sunday my baby turned 7 months. That's only five more months until the "big one", ya'll! Every month I ask myself how is he another month older, but is he another month older?! He is just the sweetest, little baby. Hudson loves to hold his arms up to be picked up, and of course he suckers me and everyone else in every time. :) I think he is trying to keep up with his big bro because he is trying to hard to crawl already. When you go to put him down to sit, he straightens his legs and wants to stand! I'm tellin' ya, this kid is going to keep me on my toes!!

And yes, that says Spaghetti O's. Judge if you must, but the kid was literally reaching for his brother's leftovers.
Who am I to deny him a Chef Boyardee fest! ;)

 My nakie boy trying to crawl...or maybe just lovin' him some Yoga. ;)

Well hello there...laaaaaadies! ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random things I've learned this week.

1. Never leave home without Band-Aids. Ever. After Dawson fell down and scraped his knee at Touch-a-Truck you would've thought his life was officially over. It was a huge ordeal, and all I needed to save the day was a damn band-aid {which I didn't have.} Lesson learned.

2. I used to love fireworks. And, don't get me wrong...I still love going to see fireworks at the park, but when I'm home I want to punch someone every time I hear a boom.

3. I didn't realize how much I would miss my 3 hr. break 2 x's a week this summer. I love my extra time with Dawson, but my housework is going down the shitter. At least I'm going to blame it on that. ;)

4. Sometimes I'm already thinking about going to Starbucks for my second coffee before I even get my first.

5. I love being outside with the kids, but the whole sunscreen process gets old.

6. I am developing a deep love for Diet Coke from McDonald's. And, I'm okay with that. Nothing tastes better than a large diet after you been wrangling your kids in the heat at the zoo or splash park all morning. ;)

7. The older I get, the more I procrastinate.

8. I love morning workouts the most.

9. A Frosty in a waffle cone is trouble...good trouble, but trouble.

10. Some people are just plain ol' crazy, and no matter how hard to try to understand them, you can't.

Friday, June 21, 2013

5 on Friday!

It's "Five on Friday" link up time again!
We've had a fun-filled week over here, but I am happy to see the weekend! Happy Friday!

ONE----> I'm looking forward to taking the boys to Touch-a-Truck today at the park! This will be our third year going. They have a ton of vehicles that you can sit/play in. It really is a kid's dream come true! Here are a few pics from last year:

TWO----> 7 DAYS TILL VACATION. Nuff said.

THREE----> Shopping! Let's face it, when I go shopping now it's 9/10 it's for my boys. But this was all for mama! ;) I found these cute dresses at Macy's, and can't wait to ditch the yoga pants and ponytail for a change and wear them. :)

FOUR----> This Recipe. {Melt in your mouth chicken breasts}
 If you're looking for a good chicken recipe, this is the one.
SO good, and it really did melt in my mouth! 

FIVE---->Handprint Flag. How adorable is this little Fourth of July craft?! It's on the craft to-do list with Daws for next week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Start of Summer Fun!

I took both kids to the pool for the first time this week...and survived. Therefore, summer can officially begin! ;) We've had a fun-filled week with a trip to the zoo [yes, I realize I have a severe "we visit the zoo way too much" problem], swimming with friends, signing up for the summer reading program at the library, and just some good ole fashioned fun in the backyard. :) We've crossed two things off our summer checklist-woohoo! I can't believe June is almost over! Dawson goes back to school in 5 weeks...5 weeks. On that note-we've got a lot more summer fun to check off our list, but this week was a great start! :)
Pool fun with friends! The polar bear slide was a bit hit with D. Pretty sure he slid down that thing at least 100 x's!

Super excited to read books and earn points for the library summer reading program.
He's got his eye on a prize already! ;)

And, this little cutie just screams Summer. :)

Zoo fun with buddies! Those are some adorable little monkeys! ;)
Hudson's first train ride at the zoo! And, by train ride I mean... riding by the gas station,  trash cans, boring buildings and under a lame-o tunnel. Come on Indy zoo, you really need to step up the train ride.  :P

Enjoying some outside time-each at their own outdoor station. haha!

Oh, how I could just eat that face off!
How's this for summer fun? A certain little 6 mo. old thinks he's hot stuff. Lord help me! ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Month Favorites

1. Baby Einstein Exersaucer | I must admit that when Dawson was Hudson's age he loved the exersaucer way more than H does. Hudson does like it a lot, but he is my busy-body baby so I think he feels trapped if he's in there for too long-ha! But, it is great to have in the "move from toy to toy rotation" :) We actually use it a lot outside, as well!

2. Mesh Fresh Food Feeder | Call me crazy but I haven't actually used this for food yet. These mesh feeders are PERFECT for teething--just add a piece of ice! And, we are in the throws of teething over here [I say through gritted teeth and a fake smile ;] so the ice definitely helps to numb the gums for a bit.  Just don't forget the bib! ;)

3. BabyGanics Sunscreen | I've raved about how awesome this suncreen is HERE. H turned 6 months just in time for summer. I have both the spray and the stick, and love them. They go on smooth, don't stink, and I've been using it for about a month now and haven't had a burn yet on either one of my boys! Plus, it's not ungodly expensive. Which is a plus in my stay-at-home mom book!

4. Sophie | I know, I know-$20 for a teether is kinda pricey, right? But, Hudson really does love it and his teeth are coming in like crazy! Poor second kid gets the shaft all the time, so I did splurge on this and it was worth it for us. :)

5. Ella's Kitchen Squeezie | There are about a zillion fruit/veggie squeezies on the market now. Which by the way, why didn't I think of this?!! Holy money maker, Batman! These are perfect for when you're on the go! I've tried a few different brands, but H seems to like these best. He is actually doing a ridiculously great job at eating real food which is something I didn't experience with Dawson. D loved his baby food and wasn't ready for/interested in table food until he was closer to a year old. He is still to this day my picky eater. Hudson could take or leave the baby food and I'm pretty sure would ask me for a steak dinner if he could talk. ;) But, I love that these are packed with fruits and veggies and are an easy snack or meal. Highly recommend them!

6. Infant Pool Float with Canopy | I haven't actually purchased this yet, but it's on the "to buy" list. Swimming with two kids this summer will be tricky, so I at least need one of them contained while I try to keep the other from drowning! Wow, if that doesn't make everyone want to go right out and swim! ;) I also think the canopy is important for shielding the sun :)

So there you have it...some of the things we haven't been able to live without this month. :) Which by the way, I just realized my baby will be 7 MONTHS OLD on Sunday. Whoa. That seriously doesn't seem possible!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend Re-cap

Our weekend started off per the usual-Garry working all day Saturday, me at the gym. Oh, so exciting! ;) After Zumba, we headed to Target to get a birthday present for a party we were going to later that afternoon. Last minute shopping=always! Naps were next on the agenda, then party time. It still blows my mind that Dawson and all of his friends are celebrating their 4th birthday! His group of friends have all grown up together, starting from about 3 months on. So we've gone to lots a zillion parties over these past 4 years. ;) It's been so fun watching everyone grow up...just a little lot sad that they are all getting so old. Daws and Teag started Gymboree with each other when they were 3 months old, and we've been planning their wedding ever since. ;) So time, why don't you just slow down a bit...okay? 
Here is a glimpse into the Lalaloopsy backyard bash :) 
Dawson had a blast! How could you not with a bounce house, car rollercoaster, teeter-toter, playhouse, swingset, sand table, and his favorite--the electric cars! 
Hudson was perfectly content people-watching and trying to eat grass. ;)

After the boys went to bed, it was only natural that I was STILL working on Father's Day gifts for my Dad and the hubs. I work best under pressure, okay! Well, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Sunday morning we got up bright and early, packed up "Big Red"{aka the family van}, and we're off to my parents house to spend the day with my Dad. The 1 hr. 45 min. trip was a breeze this time. Mostly because Dawson has decided he now loves his head phones. Score! So...he watched The Lion King, Hudson slept off and on, and I pumped up the Usher radio on Pandora and watched my husband attempt to "dougie" while driving. Pure comedy, I tell ya!

There were no big plans, other than just a day of visiting. It was nice to spend the day with all of my favorite boys! I seriously hit the jackpot in the "Dad" department. Both my Dad and husband are the absolute best dads. I am so lucky that Daws and Huds have them as role models. :) After we stuffed ourselves with pizza, napped, and visited some was back to Indy we went! I say it all the time, but I really am blessed to have such a wonderful family!

All of these projects/poems were, of course, stolen from Pinterest!

These boys are so lucky! :)

My four favorite men!
My Dad and sisters.

Definitely saved the best for last. ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the men in their life!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday!

I can't believe another week is over!! This month is flying by! And, for once I'm okay with that because I have a 9 day kid-free vacation waiting for me at the end of the month! This stay-at-home-mama is ready for a B-R-E-A-K!! ;) Hope everyone has had a fantastic week! 
Here's to a great weekend! Starting my weekend off with my fave link-up :)

ONE | Vacation. Did I mention vacation? :) My husband directs a barbershop {no, nothing to do with getting your haircut;} chorus and every year they have an International competition. This year it takes place in Toronto. So, at the end of the month we are kicking off our vacation by celebrating two of our best friends getting married, then heading on to Canada for the week long competition. Oh yeah, we'll be KID-FREE!! I have pretty amazing parents who take them every year for us during this time so we can just go and be crazy kids again. ;) Of course, trying to be "crazy" after you have kids always results in about a 2 week recovery time after we get back. ha!! But, I am super excited to see some of my best friends, friends we only see once a year, sleep in (holla!!), and just get away and RELAX!

TWO | Father's Day. I attempted a little photo shoot with my boys yesterday. Key word: Attempted. Dawson wasn't having it. Like, at all. But my little Hudson Mackers was all about it, and it turned out pretty darn cute! :) Looks like Daws and I will be re-attempting something today that hopefully is more to his liking. Oh, that child is SO stubborn. I have NO idea where he gets it! ;) There may be bribery involved...because let's face, sometimes it's really the only way. ;)

And, just because this is too funny not to share. Yep, definitely not having it!

THREE | Summer checklist. So I've already established the fact that I'm no artist. BUT, that little jewel of a chalkboard that I found a few weeks ago at the antique store is seriously one of my favorite things I have on my wall. I'm loving making countdowns, checklists, and just writing little messages on it. Here is our summer countdown that I can't wait to start checking off!
This is as "artistic" as it gets. And, I'm okay with that. ;)
FOUR | More teeth! My little turkey got his 4th tooth this week! Speaking of turkey, at this rate this kid is going to have a full grill by his birthday...which will make for one heck of a Thanksgiving feast! ;)

FIVE | 20 Questions. I stumbled upon this cute little birthday questionnaire on Pinterest this week. Dawson just turned 4 a couple weeks ago, so I figured I could still get away with it. I just wish I would've found this last year! Oh, well. I'll just have to remember to start this for Hudson when he turns 3.  My favorite answer is #20. He will be so embarrassed of that one day. ;)
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Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'll wear your grandad's clothes, I'll look incredible...

So, I didn't buy a big ass coat...BUT I found a kick-ass mirror from Goodwill yesterday that I CANNOT WAIT to paint and set on my mantle! Tuesdays are one of my husband's days off, so since my sis was still in town from the weekend we woke up, got ready, and flew the coop for part of the day! ;)

Naturally, we started with a trip to Starbucks. :) 

When my sister lived in Indy we would treasure hunt at Goodwill all the time. With a move, and now two kids later on my end we don't get those days as often as we like, so we decided we would hit every Goodwill on the southside and see what we could find.

This little gem is getting painted and will find it's new home on my mantle! SO pumped.
I always love finding a cheap basket for toy "organization".
I'm not in love with this color, so this will also be getting a color makeover!

And, let's not forget the BEST part of the day, lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! Is it weird I get most excited about their edamame? I mean don't get me wrong, I can put a piece of cheesecake down like no one else's business...but there's just something about their edamame. YUM!
Um, that was the lunch portion. 

So let's recap--->Coffee, deals, and yummy that's what I call a good day! :)

Father's Day Mini-Session

Last Tuesday we got together with our fave photographer {} who has been taking Dawson's pics since he was one. She was offering mini photo sessions for an unbelievable price, so we jumped on the chance to get some pics taken! I didn't realize how much harder two kids are to photograph than one, but she got the job done perfectly :) It was pretty much a shit show with Hudson's fussiness from teething, spitting up on his outfit two seconds before we started, and Dawson constantly trying to make his brother laugh instead of looking at the camera. ;) Mad props to all the photographers out there--I don't know how you do it! I can't believe how big my boys are getting-Dawson is 4, and Hudson is 6 months! I just love their little smiles :) 
Here are a few from our session...