Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jungle Tales: Caterpillars

Yesterday we went to Garfield Park for one of our favorite programs. Jungle Tales falls on one Tuesday a month. Last year Daws went to school on Tuesday and Thursday so we weren't able to go. But, this year since he goes on M-W-F we are super pumped to be able to dive in again! This session focused on caterpillars. They colored a picture of a caterpillar when they first came in, read the Hungry Caterpillar, did a handprint craft to go along with the story, and got to see real caterpillars. As usual, it was awesome. :) Daws loves it and was so happy to be back! 
We went with our bff's, so after the hour was over we headed out to the courtyard area and let the kids run around like whackos. It was hotter than balls out so it was short-lived and quickly followed up with a trip to Wendy for grease and Frosty's. ;)

"The Hungry Caterpillar"

Checking out the real deal. 
Hunting for caterpillars outside.

Found one!
They always end with feeding the fish. :)
Handprint Hungry Caterpillar
Just over the past couple of months, Dawson has decided that he really loves to color. He loves to color everything a different color and he is trying really hard to stay in the lines now. 

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