Friday, May 31, 2013


1. Dawson's Last Day of School-First of all, I cannot believe how fast this school year has gone! Cliche, I know...but it's so true!! It literally feels like yesterday when I was waiting in the pick-up line for the first time awkwardly hanging my "Dawson Texeira" sign out the window like the first-timer I was because I had no clue what to do. ;) Seeing him standing with all his little classmates wearing his book bag did me in...hello Mommy tears! We've come a long way from last August! :) Daws has had such a wonderful first year of school. He's met lots of new friends and has grown up emotionally so much. I am so proud of him :) This Tuesday was his official last day of school in the classroom, and Thursday was the end of the year picnic at the park. The weather was awesome, and we had a great time! Now it's time to enjoy these next two months before it all starts over again!

The "baby face" is officially gone [so sad] and he looks a little taller!

He loved his teachers!

A few comments from his progress report...
Proud Mommy-especially the "careful to do the right thing" comment. :)
This make my heart melt!

Last day of school picnic at the park!! 

2. Hudson is sitting like a big boy in the bath now!
The kid is downright giddy now that he has made his way to the other side of his tub.  ;)
And, one more bath pic just because :)
3. Super excited for a mini session next week with our fave photographer! This will be her first time photographing our little Hudson, but she has taken amazing photos of Dawson, Garry, and I. Time for a Target trip to find coordinating picture outfits--which really stresses me out, by the way. Too...much...pressure. Or, maybe I'm too particular. Surely, that can't be it, can it?! ;) The excitement for the pictures should help with the outfit shopping!

4. Babyganics
I am trying this sunscreen for the first time this summer, and am loving it for my kiddos! If you haven't tried it, you probably should because it's the bomb. :) I bought both the spray and the stick and it works great! It goes on smooth, doesn't stink, and isn't greasy at all. Shout out to my friend Mary for the recommendation!
Check it out: { Babyganics }

5. Birthday Countdown is on! Not sure how I feel about my baby turning 4, but I'm pretty pumped for his birthday party at Monkey Joe's on Sunday! This will be the first party we've had at a location other than our house, and let me tell's pretty much rockin' my world. No pre-party cleaning, decorating, or clean-up afterwards-no complaints here! ;) And, this is one of Dawson's favorite places ever so it's a win-win situation for all parties involved :)

Who knew a birthday countdown would've been such a hit? Dawson is loving seeing the number change every day and getting one step closer to the big day-aka...cake and presents. ;) Simple things that make my kids happy-love it!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Glad Dawson had a great school year!!

    Thanks for the head's up about the sunscreen! I will definitely check it out!

    1. Thanks, me too!

      Yes, definitely check it out-I'm lovin' it! :)

  2. Stopping by from FOF, your post made me teary because there is just something sweet about the first and last days of school. Everyone navigating the unknown. Had to laugh at at the name card because it took me awhile to get that down pat too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! I think this was the fastest year of my life! I seriously crack up at myself when I think back to the first day of school...such an amateur I was! ;)


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