Monday, June 3, 2013

Jump Around...Monkey Joe's Style!

We had a big weekend! Dawson celebrated his 4th Birthday {instert tears here!} at Monkey Joe's with friends and family. This was the first year we had his party somewhere other than the house. Let me tell you--it's totally the way to go! No cleaning, pre-party craziness mode, or clean-up. And, Dawson said this was the "best party ever" looks like it was a win/win situation for everyone. :) Other than the pizza price gauging, we had a great experience! ;) All I had to do was basically show up with the cake and decorations and they did everything. I was a fan...a big fan.
You're welcome parents for wearing your little monkeys out! ;)

When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew this was the one. Ohh My! Cakes did an AH-MA-ZING job!!
I always have a hard time cutting into cakes that are this artistic.
Of course it's game over once the cutting begins. Bring on the cake! ;)
Madagascar 3
We seriously have THE best friends and family!

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