Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Fun.

Well, the weekend is essentially over and the dreaded Monday blues are already starting to set in. Except no Monday blues for us this week because we have a playdate to look forward to tomorrow :) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here's how our went down:

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the park for a picnic on Friday...Daddy even joined us on his lunch break! Dawson was bummed at first because his fave park playmate wasn't going to be there to play "fireman" with him. He then told me that "maybe the'll be another friend I can find to play with." So he was on the friend hunt as soon as we got there and recruited an almost 2-year-old boy to be his buddy for the hour. He also had a brother who was 7 weeks, so his Mom and I bonded over teething woes and preschool. Daws knows no stranger, which should work to my advantage one day if I ever get low in the friend count. ;) It was hot, but we had a fun and it was a nice escape from the house after our 2-day sickness lock-down!

Saturday started with an Insanity masterclass at my gym. Let me tell you folks, it was--wait for it--INSANE. I loved it though, and can't wait till they add it to the weekly schedule. After surviving that beating, we headed home {but not without a stop at Target to buy out the squeezie section} for naps. Except my boys were also apparently tired from our gym outing because they fell asleep on the way home :)

This is the first time they have both fallen asleep at the same thing in the car--it was heavenly, let me tell you ;)

My sis that lives in Wabash succumbed to my persuasion to come to Indy for the rest of the weekend. So, after the hubs got off work we were able to go to dinner. I love it when she comes to Indy and love the time we get to spend together. 
Dinner at Bravo and fro-yo at Orange Leaf!

Sunday...aka...the day I found a chalkboard. Remember I was gonna DIY it up this weekend? Well, we continued with more sister time {both of my sisters-YES!} and headed to Franklin to our fave antique store, Salvage Sisters. I found an awesome chalkboard for only $24! Score! So, now I just need to paint the frame a different color to match my kitchen/living room. Can't wait to get that bad boy painted and hung on the wall! 
Here is a pic of the before:
I actually don't mind the color, it just doesn't match my motif.  I started painting it tonight, but it will need another coat. I'll post the finished product once it's done!

Oh, and it's ALWAYS good to end your weekend with round 2 of this:


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