Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tag Team.

Because dividing and conquering is the only way to go.

Here is what today looked like:

5:00-Hudson wakes up, Garry gives him a bottle, then they both go back to sleep. 
6:00- I wake up, throw on some clothes, and head to Kroger to get cupcake supplies (Again!) to make Dawson's birthday treats for preschool {which is a blog in itself why I was remaking cupcakes 1 hour before school starts.} 
6:50- Both kids are up by the time I get home...Garry gets Daws dressed and they head downstairs.
7:00- I start the cupcakes and while they're in the oven I make Daws breakfast.
7:30- Breakfast is done for Daws...I make Hudson his cereal then Garry feeds it to him while I help Daws brush his teeth.
7:45- I'm busting my ass as fast as I can to ice the damn cupcakes so we can leave by 7:55ish. Oh, and I'm also repeating, "Daws, go get your show-and-tell and make sure it's in your book bag...Daws, go potty...Daws, go get your shoes."
8:00- In the van and on our way to school
8:05- Arrive at school and get to walk in the pouring rain carrying said cupcakes and 2 packs of juice boxes...good times. 
8:15- Back home
8:30- Hudsie is starting to fuss and is ready for his morning nap...so I make a bottle and Garry put him down.
8:45- I get the hell outta dodge and head to the gym for my morning of sanity while Garry mans the fort.
11:15- I pick up Daws from school and we head home.
11:30-Get home. Garry is feeding Hudson his lunch and Daws asks, in his sweetest voice, if he can have Boston Market for lunch. So, Garry takes him to Boston Market and Mackey and I head to Meijer to do some shopping.

See...I'm telling you, tag team city here.

1:00-Get home, unload groceries, countdown till naptime.
1:30-Garry puts Daws down for nap while I do some laundry and wait for Hudson to get sleepy for nap.
1:50-Hudson appears to be ready for nap #2, so I make a bottle and Garry puts him down. Except nap #2 was an epic fail. Damn teething... Motrin to the rescue!

The next couple of hours was pretty much a blur...I attempt to take a nap while Daws is sleeping and Garry is taking care of Hudson. I think he tries to put Hudson down a little later which works and he takes a little cat nap. Of course my nap was also an epic fail, but at least I got to lay down for a bit. 

3:30-Daws wakes up, then Hudson shortly after. Chaos begins again :)
4:00- I run to CVS to get some Sudafed for my sinus headache from hell, then make a Starbucks run for coffee #2. 
4:30-I get home, boys are outside playing...Hudson is ready to eat so I make him cereal. I feed him while Daws and Garry play. Then Daws requests that someone draw him all the Alice in Wonderland characters-this kid is crazy serious about his movie characters. He likes to pretend with them while he watches movies. Thank god, I didn't get that job because my awesome drawing skills are limited to stick figures.
5:00-I take Hudson on a walk in hopes that he falls asleep for his last little nap before bedtime. Garry stays with Daws and they watch Alice in Wonderland, of course.
5:30-Get home from our walk...Hudson ended up falling asleep, which buys us a little more time before he starts getting fussy and is ready to go to bed.
5:30-6-I put myself on kitchen duty and got the dishes done and kitchen all cleaned up.
6:00- Hudson is ready for bed (Yes!) Garry takes him upstairs for the 3 B's: bath, bottle, and bed. 

One down one to go!

6:30-I feed Daws dinner and then he finishes watching Alice after he is done eating.
7:00-Garry gives Daws a bath.
7:30-I'm on jammie and teeth duty, but Daws requests Daddy to put him to bed. {Darn! ;)}
8:00-We collapse on the couch and throw our plans to grill out out the window. Because frankly, grilling out, making rice, and snapping green beans sounds like a nightmare from hell at 8:00 at night. So we decide to order a pizza instead. 

Whoomp there is it. A day in the life of us when we decide to stay home. Dividing and Conquering--it's where it's at. 

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