Friday, May 10, 2013

I have THAT kid.

Ya, you know the one. The kid who belts the words out at the top of his lungs and just dances like no one is watching. And, I LOVE it. I love that he is so full of spunk and life. Yes, his excessive talking drives me crazy sometimes...yes, I'm sure he drives his teachers up the wall at times...yes, he is the orneriest of the ornery, but that personality is priceless. And, anyone who knows Dawson knows this about him. If this kid isn't in plays when he is older I will shocked. The way he memorizes stories, songs, and lines is ridonkulous.  His first Preschool program was this Wednesday night. The amount of cuteness from that night was over-the-top. I have been waiting all year for this--no really, the moment I enrolled him in preschool I couldn't wait to see his first program. ;)  It was a super cute night and we we're so happy that my mom, dad, and sisters were able to come too! 
We are so proud of our little star :)
So happy to see us in the audience :)

Mimi and Papa got to come!!

Told ya.

Aunt Whit

 Mimi, my sisters, and Hudson 


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