Friday, May 24, 2013

5 on Friday

I recently just started reading this blog [The Good Life], and love it! In this new Friday series, you just make a list of 5 of your favorite things from the week and link it up. It can go in any direction...things you are currently loving, what you did during the week, or things your are looking forward to. Really, it's anything! This week I decided I would give it a try, so here it goes! :)
1. First and foremost-DATE NIGHT! I love when my hubby and I can sneak away for some alone time {even if we do spend 85% of the time talking about the kids;} I had arranged a babysitter for tomorrow night, but then my Dad decided to come for the weekend so he is going to stay with them. Thanks, Dad!

2. Dawson's Cake for his party next week- I pinned this cake on Pinterest, and finally ordered it this week! My Mom's friend is making it for us, so I probably won't be able to breath until the 2 hour trek is over and the cake is safe and sound in Indy! Daws is gonna flip when he sees it! :)

3. Workout Routine- After this week I've determined that running at night when the hubs gets home is just not gonna happen. Although it always sounds like a great plan around 11 AM, by 5:00 I am exhausted and have ZERO motivation to workout at night. I love exercising in the mornings. It gets me going and I do my best thinking in the morning. ;) So, next week I'm going to try my hardest to get up around 6 and get my ass in gear for a morning run the days I don't go to the gym for classes. Here's the tentative plan for next week:
Monday-Run in the morning
Tuesday-Zumba {gym}
Wednesday-Total Conditioning {gym}
Friday-Run in the morning
Saturday-Zumba {gym} or morning run

4. Milestones-My baby turned 6 months this week and started sitting up. He is such a sweet baby and I can't believe how fast time is going! When I realized we were half way to his first birthday, I of course, had a mild panic attack, then immediately pulled up Pinterest and started pinning away for his first birthday bash :)
He has a smile that lights up a room :)

Just a little help from the Boppy :)

5. Stairway Pinterest Project- I'm hoping to get started on this, this weekend. I love everything about this mix--the color pop, the printables, and pictures. I foresee a trip to Joann's and Hobby Lobby over the next couple of days!

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