Monday, May 6, 2013

This week.

Things I'm looking forward to this week:

1. Playdates with friends

2. Dawson's very first Preschool program...excited doesn't even begin to cut it! Note: I'm predicting mine will be the one blowing everyone's ear drums out while picking his nose.

3. The hub's day off. Garry works Saturdays so let's face it, I'm always counting down the days till his day off during the middle of the week. His day off has now switched to Tuesday. So this week that makes the countdown only one sleep. Yes!

4. Mother's Day Tea with Daws at Preschool

5. Spending the weekend with the fam in Wabash for Mother's Day. This includes our traditional Mother's Day Tea luncheon with my Grammie, Mom, sisters, cousin, and aunts.

6. Zumnba Tuesday and Total Conditioning Wednesday. No one can kick my butt more than my fave instructor-Becca

7. And last but not least-Bedtime. I always look forward to bedtime. ;)

Happy Thought for the week in honor of the ridiculously adorable singing that I know I'm going to hear Wednesday night:

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