Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mason Jars & Photo Apps.

I'm currently having a love affair with mason jars. Every blog, Pinterest post, and party site seems to be mason jar crazy and I've decided to join the craze! Apparently, they're not just for canning jelly anymore folks...
The rest of the non-dead flowers from my Mother's Day bouquet. So simple, yet so cute!

I know. It's missing a trendy patterned paper straw and a lemon. But, let's face it...this is the real world, and today my real world consisted of a grumpy, teething 5 month old and a recovering from the stomach bug 3-year-old. No fun trips to Target or JoAnn's for either one of those items. Just multiple doses of Motrin to my kids and me reassuring myself that bedtime is near! On that note--that water is now officially wine. Cheers! ;)

Love affair #2: The "Beautiful Mess" photo app on my iphone. If you haven't downloaded it, you should. I don't usually spend money on apps for my phone because I'm cheap like that, but seriously-get your $0.99 "splurge" on! I love the super cute doodles and the color palate. 

See...super cute and fun, eh? :)

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