Thursday, May 2, 2013

The second time around.

I highly suggest NOT looking at old pictures of your "skinny" self when you are trying to lose baby weight for the second time. It makes me want to immediately starve myself, but that thought quickly leaves and, let's be honest, all I can think about are cupcakes. I hate you Heidi Klum for being able to have a baby, then look like a goddess. Okay, pity party over. But really, the second around really is so much harder. I've been pretty really crappy at the whole eating healthy part (mostly because all I want to do after entertaining 2 kids all day long is collapse in bed with a plate full of junk) but I've been trying to work out at least 4 x's a week. With vacation and weddings coming up, Mama's gotta lose the rest of this weight! So here's to trying to eat healthier...but I think I'll start next Monday...because the hubs just suggested we ordered pizza and after all, it's that time of night where I collapse with junk food. ;)

Let me tell you...this face was TOTALLY worth the second time around baby weight.


  1. Ugh-I know what you mean, but can it still be considered baby weight when my second is 6 years old?? One can hope, right?

  2. I'm saying yes it can ;) I wish we lived closer so we could be WW buddies and commiserate with each other!


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