Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoo Day

We had the most gorgeous weather on Tuesday and we definitely took advantage of it! Our playdate plans got cancelled, but since my husband's day off is on Tuesday we decided we would head to the zoo after we picked Daws up from preschool. Not gonna lie, the timing was a little "ify" in my OCD scheduled day...Dawson still naps around 2, so getting to the zoo close to noon was brave for me ;) You just never know if the "I'm so tired after preschool" monster is gonna rear his ugly head.  I'm happy to report that we survived with no pre-nap meltdowns and had a super fun 3 hours gawking at the animals :)
Stream o' wishes!

I love these little animals :) 

Daws wanted to see "Zoey Zebra"-- Holla Peppa Pig fans!

This kid is always happy

Butterfly exhibit at the White River Gardens 
Anyone seen Dawson?

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