Monday, June 3, 2013


Four. How is possible that I have a 4-year-old already?! 4 is way too close to 5, which is way too close to Kindergarten. I'm already starting to panic and I still have over a year to decide if we are going to send him next year! Dawson has the best personality and is full of smiles and laughter. He has my temper {how did you survive my childhood, Mom?? ;} But, he is just as sweet and he is ornery. :) He is my first. The one who made me a Mommy. I am beyond thankful for my little bundle of energy, and absolutely cannot imagine our house without his constant need to put on a puppet show, or re-enact a movie or fingerplay. He is the king of memorizing books/movies and wanting someone to draw or buy characters so that he can act out the different scenes. Pretend play is his favorite thing ever right now. I love watching him grow, but I could really stand for time to slow down just a bit! 
We love you, Dawson James! Happy 4th Birthday!!

Yep, I let my kid eat cake for breakfast. :)
Birthday morning present opening!
 As soon as he opened his Three Billy Goats Gruff book and finger puppets he was already at it with acting out the story...see, I told ya! ;) 
Daws' first bike! Thanks Mimi and Papa!!

After Hudson's nap we headed downtown for some zoo fun, per the birthday boy's request! :)
It was the most perfect day for a trip to the zoo! The weather was gorgeous and I got to spend it with my boys :)

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