Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Start of Summer Fun!

I took both kids to the pool for the first time this week...and survived. Therefore, summer can officially begin! ;) We've had a fun-filled week with a trip to the zoo [yes, I realize I have a severe "we visit the zoo way too much" problem], swimming with friends, signing up for the summer reading program at the library, and just some good ole fashioned fun in the backyard. :) We've crossed two things off our summer checklist-woohoo! I can't believe June is almost over! Dawson goes back to school in 5 weeks...5 weeks. On that note-we've got a lot more summer fun to check off our list, but this week was a great start! :)
Pool fun with friends! The polar bear slide was a bit hit with D. Pretty sure he slid down that thing at least 100 x's!

Super excited to read books and earn points for the library summer reading program.
He's got his eye on a prize already! ;)

And, this little cutie just screams Summer. :)

Zoo fun with buddies! Those are some adorable little monkeys! ;)
Hudson's first train ride at the zoo! And, by train ride I mean... riding by the gas station,  trash cans, boring buildings and under a lame-o tunnel. Come on Indy zoo, you really need to step up the train ride.  :P

Enjoying some outside time-each at their own outdoor station. haha!

Oh, how I could just eat that face off!
How's this for summer fun? A certain little 6 mo. old thinks he's hot stuff. Lord help me! ;)

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