Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday!

I can't believe another week is over!! This month is flying by! And, for once I'm okay with that because I have a 9 day kid-free vacation waiting for me at the end of the month! This stay-at-home-mama is ready for a B-R-E-A-K!! ;) Hope everyone has had a fantastic week! 
Here's to a great weekend! Starting my weekend off with my fave link-up :)

ONE | Vacation. Did I mention vacation? :) My husband directs a barbershop {no, nothing to do with getting your haircut;} chorus and every year they have an International competition. This year it takes place in Toronto. So, at the end of the month we are kicking off our vacation by celebrating two of our best friends getting married, then heading on to Canada for the week long competition. Oh yeah, we'll be KID-FREE!! I have pretty amazing parents who take them every year for us during this time so we can just go and be crazy kids again. ;) Of course, trying to be "crazy" after you have kids always results in about a 2 week recovery time after we get back. ha!! But, I am super excited to see some of my best friends, friends we only see once a year, sleep in (holla!!), and just get away and RELAX!

TWO | Father's Day. I attempted a little photo shoot with my boys yesterday. Key word: Attempted. Dawson wasn't having it. Like, at all. But my little Hudson Mackers was all about it, and it turned out pretty darn cute! :) Looks like Daws and I will be re-attempting something today that hopefully is more to his liking. Oh, that child is SO stubborn. I have NO idea where he gets it! ;) There may be bribery involved...because let's face, sometimes it's really the only way. ;)

And, just because this is too funny not to share. Yep, definitely not having it!

THREE | Summer checklist. So I've already established the fact that I'm no artist. BUT, that little jewel of a chalkboard that I found a few weeks ago at the antique store is seriously one of my favorite things I have on my wall. I'm loving making countdowns, checklists, and just writing little messages on it. Here is our summer countdown that I can't wait to start checking off!
This is as "artistic" as it gets. And, I'm okay with that. ;)
FOUR | More teeth! My little turkey got his 4th tooth this week! Speaking of turkey, at this rate this kid is going to have a full grill by his birthday...which will make for one heck of a Thanksgiving feast! ;)

FIVE | 20 Questions. I stumbled upon this cute little birthday questionnaire on Pinterest this week. Dawson just turned 4 a couple weeks ago, so I figured I could still get away with it. I just wish I would've found this last year! Oh, well. I'll just have to remember to start this for Hudson when he turns 3.  My favorite answer is #20. He will be so embarrassed of that one day. ;)
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  1. I love that he wants to be a tooth fairy!! haha

    1. Isn't that hilarious?! He's a hoot!


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