Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Month Favorites

1. Baby Einstein Exersaucer | I must admit that when Dawson was Hudson's age he loved the exersaucer way more than H does. Hudson does like it a lot, but he is my busy-body baby so I think he feels trapped if he's in there for too long-ha! But, it is great to have in the "move from toy to toy rotation" :) We actually use it a lot outside, as well!

2. Mesh Fresh Food Feeder | Call me crazy but I haven't actually used this for food yet. These mesh feeders are PERFECT for teething--just add a piece of ice! And, we are in the throws of teething over here [I say through gritted teeth and a fake smile ;] so the ice definitely helps to numb the gums for a bit.  Just don't forget the bib! ;)

3. BabyGanics Sunscreen | I've raved about how awesome this suncreen is HERE. H turned 6 months just in time for summer. I have both the spray and the stick, and love them. They go on smooth, don't stink, and I've been using it for about a month now and haven't had a burn yet on either one of my boys! Plus, it's not ungodly expensive. Which is a plus in my stay-at-home mom book!

4. Sophie | I know, I know-$20 for a teether is kinda pricey, right? But, Hudson really does love it and his teeth are coming in like crazy! Poor second kid gets the shaft all the time, so I did splurge on this and it was worth it for us. :)

5. Ella's Kitchen Squeezie | There are about a zillion fruit/veggie squeezies on the market now. Which by the way, why didn't I think of this?!! Holy money maker, Batman! These are perfect for when you're on the go! I've tried a few different brands, but H seems to like these best. He is actually doing a ridiculously great job at eating real food which is something I didn't experience with Dawson. D loved his baby food and wasn't ready for/interested in table food until he was closer to a year old. He is still to this day my picky eater. Hudson could take or leave the baby food and I'm pretty sure would ask me for a steak dinner if he could talk. ;) But, I love that these are packed with fruits and veggies and are an easy snack or meal. Highly recommend them!

6. Infant Pool Float with Canopy | I haven't actually purchased this yet, but it's on the "to buy" list. Swimming with two kids this summer will be tricky, so I at least need one of them contained while I try to keep the other from drowning! Wow, if that doesn't make everyone want to go right out and swim! ;) I also think the canopy is important for shielding the sun :)

So there you have it...some of the things we haven't been able to live without this month. :) Which by the way, I just realized my baby will be 7 MONTHS OLD on Sunday. Whoa. That seriously doesn't seem possible!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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