Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Rewind!

I sat down twice today to blog, but it didn't happen. Apparently this big fat plate of Doritos in front of me and a Diet Coke {Hello, PMS!} were enough motivation to make the third time a charm. ;) We had a pretty low-key weekend. In fact it was so low-key that I can't even remember what Friday night consisted of! 
As usual, I spent my Saturday morning at the gym doing Insanity followed by Zumba. I absolutely love my Saturday morning just starts my weekends off right! I know that sounds weird to think that anything involving the word "insanity" would make your weekend, but I've developed a love for that class. Even if it's the class that makes you wanna barf. ;) 

After the gym I grabbed some coffee, and headed home because it was FIRST HAIRCUT TIME for Hudson!! I am still in disbelief that this was my last "first haircut" ever. Ever just sounds so final. Hudson took it like a champ! Unlike his big bro when he got his first haircut. You know that annoying kid who's screaming bloody murder and there's nothing you can do to stop it? Yeah, that was Dawson's entire first haircut. Husdie was the complete opposite. He thought he was pretty much a badass once they put the little cape on him, and smiled the entire time! I was preparing myself for a meltdown so when it didn't happen I was beyond relieved. :) Hudson is only 8 months old but trust me, he needed a haircut. It may or may not have been to the point where I was using hairspray to keep it tame! ;) Anyways, he did amazing and his Justin Beiber swoop is gone for now.

I mean...
I die from the cuteness of the cape and that face. :)

My absolute favorite picture from the whole trip.



Before and After!
Excuse me, but where did my baby go?!

The rest of the day was filled with napping and a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Daws was super excited because he was "downstairs" now in the Pre-K/Kindergarten room! They do an actual lesson in that age group, which he seemed to have really enjoyed. :) After church, I met a good friend at Panera and spent the afternoon scrapbooking there. I am so far behind it's not even funny, but it was nice to escape for awhile and dive back into it. Even if we did more talking than scrapbooking. ;)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday so after I got home and we fed the kids dinner, we spent the rest of the night playing outside until bath and bedtime. Hudson had his first go in the sandbox, and he LOVED it. He had an awesome "sandstache" to prove it!

Yep, we're teething. Working on tooth #6

 Daws said he needed to go "check out the corn." ;)

 Now that's a look from a kid who's clearly been eating sand.

Mostly we did THIS over the weekend...lots and lots of relaxing. :)

Hope everyone's weekend was a great one!

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