Monday, August 12, 2013


This past weekend, I spent most of Saturday and all day on Sunday at my parents. My husband stayed with the kiddos (major props to him!) while I was able to just relax and enjoy a break for a couple days.  My middle sister also lives in Wabash so I was able to hang out with her, as well! We went shopping and out to dinner in Ft. Wayne Saturday night, spent Sunday morning getting her classroom ready for her first day back to teaching today, and then escaped to the Salamonie Reservoir for some hiking, relaxing, and a cook-out.  This weekend was just what I needed! :)

Oh ya know, just riding in the back seat like we're 12 while the parentals chauffeur us around. ;)

Well we certainly couldn't pass up a chance for a photo op with these awesome eagle binoculars!

Mom and Dad...aren't they cute in their matching shirts? ;)

My dad the pyro.

Our fearless leader.

Super annoyed, as always, that I had my camera out the entire trip.  

It was a sweatstache kind of day for sure, but it was a blast! This weekend reaffirmed two things. A. I have an amazing husband who can hold down the fort with the kiddos and doesn't ever make me feel guilty for taking "me time" and B. I have THE best family ever. :)

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