Monday, August 19, 2013

Festivals, Fairs, Nature, and Ice Cream!

This weekend was a jam packed one! Just thinking about it makes me tired all over again. In fact, I still have a fair hangover. ;) Exhaustion aside, we did have a blast! Friday evening after naptime, we headed over to Dawson's school for their annual festival (Augstravagaza!) Get this, they actually close school for two days for this festival-well played Catholics, well played. A little side note about myself...I do not ride rides. The carousal is where my adventure ends...such a daredevil, I know. ;) On the other hand, Daws is just like his Daddy--fearless. So, while Daws was draining our bank account riding every ride possible, I was perfectly content shoving an Elephant Ear in my face.
 I mean, that is the REAL reason everyone goes the fair, right?! :)

"We can get more tickets when these run out. Right, Mom?"

Just for the record-this slide gave me a straight up heart attack. Over half of Daws' tickets went here because he wanted to go again and again!

One of my two wild animals. ;)

Saturday morning is usually spent at the gym, but since I had the cold from hell all week I opted to take a break and just relax at home that morning with my boys. I also needed to get some cleaning done since my Dad was coming to town to spend the afternoon with us. :)

I love morning that begin with coffee and Fall. :)
After lunch, my Dad met us at the house and we took off for a little adventure in the park. We visited a couple parks/nature centers on the northside of Indy, and then headed to one of the best places to get ice  cream! One of the parks we went to even had a little car show going on-complete with a bounce house and a Sno-cone truck-major score! ;)
Garry was gone pretty much all day and evening, so my Dad coming was a nice break in the day. :)

I love this picture. :) 
It doesn't get much cuter than baby feet in Crocs.

After becoming one with nature all afternoon, the next stop was a trip to {brics} for some ice cream!!
Cookies and Cream for me, Vanilla for Daws, and poor Hudsie got the shaft with some Gerber Puffs. :)

Another fun-filled day-check! We were ready for a good night's sleep (and a glass of wine for Mama!) because we had to wake up on Sunday and do it all over again at the Sate Fair! 

The chorus Garry directs had to sing three different times, so we just decided to tag along for the day. 
Once again, Daws rode rides and I ate myself into a grease coma. ;)

This was the first thing Daws wanted to ride. Heart attack #2. Obviously, Daddy took him on that one. 
And, this one is just like his mother...always shoving snacks in. ;) {"Watching" Daddy!} 
Daws couldn't wait for Daddy to get off stage so he could give him a big hug. So sweet!

Fried Green Beans with Ranch and a Lemon Shake-up.  So yummy!
We were spoiled this weekend....we got to see Mimi and Papa on Sunday too!
We survived the State Fair! ;) 
After our busy weekend, I was *almost* looking forward to today {I know, who looks forward to Monday?!} because I knew we had zero going on besides school for Daws this morning. 

Of course, I tried to hold out on putting up my first Fall decoration...but we all know how well I do with resisting anything Fall related. I'm sure my husband was thrilled to see Fall creeping in already. ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and got to sneak in a little more relaxing than we did! :)
Happy Monday!

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