Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wal-Mart for the win! (Who says that?!)

Me. That's who! Yes, I'm a Target girl 98% of the time. 
BUT, I did snag a few (cheap) gems that I'm pretty excited about. :)

These shark slippers were around $7! Dawson loves them so much that he has been sleeping in them for nap and bedtime. ;)  To say that he is OBsessed would be an understatement. I bought these as a surprise for him since I was gone over the weekend and he has been wearing them since then. :)

Yes, I'm one of "those people" who if they like something they buy it in every color. Daws has outgrown all his shoes and is now is a size 11. These were $5.87 a pair! As fast as he goes through shoes and grows out of them, I have zero problem admitting I buy cheap shoes. When I saw these I couldn't pass them up. Luckily, they fit great and my picky child approves! ;)
First step: Ignore this awkward selfie.
Last but not least I found this cute phone cover for $4.88! I like a little sparkle, so I thought this was cute. I don't like over-the-top sparkle that makes you wanna puke...but this was subtle enough that it works {for me at least!} :)
Like I said, I love my Target. 
But every now and then Wal-Mart puts out a few winners that I just can't pass up!

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