Friday, August 16, 2013

Coxhall Gardens

Yesterday we met my sis and one of the kiddos she nannies for a little playdate. I have been wanting to check these gardens out for awhile, so we decided to see what it was about! It was super cute, and Dawson loved running through all the houses with his new "friend" he met there. He kept saying, "Wait for me, my friend!" Even when he found out her name was Alice, he still kept calling her "my friend" was pretty damn cute. ;) I tell you, that kid could make friends with a fly on the wall! 

Hudson, being my little wild child, was crawling all over the ground trying to eat mulch. That boy keeps me on my toes, that's for sure! There wasn't much for H to do there, so I just tried to keep him in the stroller and feed him snacks. Good thing he likes to eat! :) I can't wait to take him back in the Spring when he will be walking--I can't believe I just said that (tear!) 

After we played in the gardens for awhile, we headed to one of our fave parks that was just down the street.  The kids had fun, the weather was perfect, and I got to visit with my sister--triple score!

How cute are these little playhouses?!
Dawson didn't waste any time checking them all out.
The jail was his favorite. He kept calling it "the dungeon." ;)

"As long as you keep feeding me Mom, I'll stay in here forever."
Lover of mulch, dirt, and plants.

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