Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on FRIDAY!

I have never been so happy to see Friday!! Hello 3-Day weekend! I've been super busy and have missed the past couple of Fridays, so I am excited to link up with Darci and the gang and get back into my Friday faves this week! :)



I am loving this simple silverware setup. Besides, can you really go wrong with anything involving a mason jar? I think not. ;)
Hudson's first birthday is coming so I've got party planning on the brain!


Thanks to an awesome friend getting me this for my birthday this CupcakeMoscato D'Asti=my new fave.  It's SO yummy! If you like a bit of sweet {but not sickeningly sweet} and bubbly you should probably get in your car and go pick up a bottle. :) 


Again with the party planning, I am thinking about a "little turkey" theme for Hudson since his 1st birthday is so close to Thanksgiving. And, considering the turkey pot me into labor on Thanksgiving night...I think this is appropriate. :) This is the perfect smash cake!


THESE Tommy Tippee Spill-Proof Sippies are great! A lot of sippies say they are spill-proof, but we all know that isn't alway so. These truly are! I'm loving them for my 9-month-old. 


Calling all worriers...Does this sound familiar? I hate being a worry-wart and focusing on everything that could go wrong! I've really been trying to focus on prayer and trust.  
And, wouldn't you know actually works! ;) 
It's a work in progress--especially for this Type A girl--but, I'm trying to focus more on THIS:

Instead of worrying my life away. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! 


  1. Haha! Last night, my man was upset that I worry so much! Your worryfree messages will help put my mind at ease!

    1. Awww, I'm glad :) I'm slowly but surely learning to worry so much--it's definitely easier said than done! ;)

  2. Girl Mason jars are such a southern thang ;) I love them too. And I just picked up a bottle of Cupcake Pinot Grigo wine for tonight... whoo hoo for Friday!

    1. LOVE me some mason jars!! :) And, that wine sounds delish--I'll have to try that one too!!

  3. nice blog post.

    hope you can visit my Five on Friday

  4. um, next time let's drink a bottle together :)


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