Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Day of School Eve!

Today is the last day before Daws starts 3-day Pre-K! After nap [Yes, my kid is 4 and still naps. It's glorious, I tell ya!] we headed out for a little mommy/son date to get his school supplies, pick out a new back pack, and eat his two favorite things-ice cream and Boston Market, in that order. On "eves" it's perfectly acceptable to have dessert before dinner. :) 

Spiderman also decided to tag along on our date. :)

Super excited about his new folder!At first when I asked Dawson if he wanted to pick out a new bag, he said he just wanted to use his backpack from last year. Then he changed his mind and decided he wanted to pick out a new one. That was always my favorite part of school shopping, besides the clothes of course! But alas, boys just don't get as excited about shopping for clothes. Although, my metrosexual husband is the exception to that rule! ;) We are Target people, but we just decided to Wally World it tonight. And, I'm glad we did because this book bag was $4.88! That's right, less than $5. How's that for a deal! Shocking that this backpack, like last year, also has dinos on it.
What can I say, this boy loves his dinos! :)


He likes to look at all the different flavors, but always sticks to plain ole vanilla. :)
How could you not love that face?!!

After our "before dinner ice cream fest" was complete, we were on our way to Boston Market to pick up dinner. Dawson absolutely loves that place! He will eat two sides of their mac & cheese and an entire quarter of a chicken. 

Tonight when I asked D what he wanted to be when he grew up [trying to get some ideas for tomorrow's chalkboard] he says, "I don't want to grow up. I'm just going to stay this size forever!" 
If only my sweets, if only. We had such a fun night and I love getting to do these things with him. It's always sad when another school year passes by, but I love watching him grow into such a sweet, creative little person! 

Artist, I am obviously not...but it's all ready for tomorrow morning! :)

And, while we're on the subject of school...I found THIS yesterday and thought it was such a great idea! I always play the guessing game when it comes to teacher's gifts. How nice would it be to just know what your child's teacher likes?! 


That's all for tonight...
I have visions of a 3-hour break tomorrow morning dancing around in my head! :) 


  1. So neat! My little man is 4 and getting ready to start preschool on August 12th! Such a fun time...just can't believe it came so fast!

  2. So exciting!! I'm still in shock over how fast it has come! My Dawson just loves it! Hope your little guy had a great first day of preschool in a couple weeks. :)


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