Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trucks, Creeks, and Popsicles!

Can I just say that I have had THE best week with just my Dawson. My mom and sister are still on summer break from school and were awesome enough to watch Hudson for us from Sunday until today. We missed that boy like crazy, but hot damn it was so nice to have one kid again! ;) I know it's all relative and I believe me I was totally exhausted when I just had one kid, but holy moly it felt like a cake walk this week with just Daws. He starts back to school next Friday, so it was nice to spend some time with him one-on-one before the craziness starts again. And, yes...even preschool can be crazy busy! Daddy took Daws to Monkey Joe's on Tuesday, and we filled the other two days up with playdates. 

The white rabbit decided to join us as well. ;)

Today we headed to Touch-a-Truck for the second time. What can I say, you can't go wrong with a shit ton of vehicles just waiting to have their horns honked and seats sat in! ;) 

The "Tipsey Trolley"...hmmmm, what an odd vehicle to bring to a children's event. ;)

After our morning of trucks we headed back to a friend's house for lunch, playtime, and a little creek stomping before we had to pick Hudson up. The boys had an absolute blast just being boys. 
Water, sticks, and rocks...that's really all you need for some good old-fashioned fun Little House on the Prairie style. ;)
And, it just so happens that "creek stomping" is on our summer checklist-score! 

4-years-old and they're already comparing sticks. ;)

I'm sorry, BUTT I couldn't resist.
 [This is actually the first time D has ever peed outdoors. SO... being the creepy scrapbooker that I am I couldn't pass this picture up. ;]

And, this is where my child pretends to like popsicles. I mean, what kid doesn't like a dang popsicle?!
He will take a few licks then give it to me...which I'm 110% fine with. :)

And, the weather was beyond ridiculously nice today! 
We're talking 70's and no humidity...all day. It was seriously the best ever. That is pretty much unheard of in Indiana. Dare I say I'm already excited for...wait for it...FALL! ;)

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