Sunday, January 26, 2014

Roller Skating

I have no clue why I ever doubted Dawson would love skating. His Dad can still shoot the duck and skate backwards like no one else's business. ;) In fact, Garry pretty much lived at the skating rink his entire childhood. He thought he was super hot shit since he worked there....just ask him about it. 

Are these not the cutest little skates you've ever seen?!

Last month I took Daws to the Honeywell Center for their "Winter Bash".  Best part: It was all free! I love our little city. They provide so many fun events for families. :) We roller skated [in the exact same skating rink that I skated in when I was a kid-talk about nostalgia!], crafted an adorable Birch Tree, then later in the day Garry took Daws to go see Despicable Me 2 which was also part of the bash! 

I was nervous {what? me? nervous?} to take him for the entire hour and a half just because he hadn't ever been. Boy, was I wrong! We went for about a half an hour and it went so fast that I was wishing I would've taken him for the entire time. He absolutely LOVED it and within 10 minutes he was skating without me. We can't wait to take him back and obviously now my husband has a reason to act like he's a 15 badass again. ;)

After skating art time!
That's legit art right there. 

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