Sunday, January 19, 2014

Holiday Hodgepodge (Better late than never!)

If you're like me, Christmas after Christmas makes me gag. I love this holiday more than life itself, but the minute we open presents I'm pretty much ready to take down the tree.  Anyway, since I'm so far behind on my blogging...I'm forcing myself to venture back into the land of red and green. Go ahead and gag your way through my won't be the only one! ;)

Always the beginning to our holiday season is the arrival of our favorite elf, Eric! ;)

One of our favorite December traditions is driving around looking at lights! This year we added a trip out for ice cream after we were done :)

"Christmas in a Canal Town"
It was  a freezing cold morning, but we headed to Lagro for some ornament making, carriage rides, and a visit with Santa! No amount of cold can keep us away from our festive holiday activities. ;)

"Winter Craft Bash" at the Salamonie Reservoir
I am so excited that they have these preschool programs once a month! So excited in fact that I signed Dawson up every month until June. ;) I had just as much fun (if not more) as Daws...I mean they got to do a footprint holiday craft AND make an adorable ornament. Be still my crafting heart! 

My favorite picture of Daws from our first big December snow.
Dear Dawson: I love your eyelashes more than I love cupcakes. And, I love cupcakes more than life.

We always spend Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family. Every year we either do a gift exchange by drawing names or we all bring a gift card then draw numbers and play "Dirty Santa" style. We also brought "bundles" (something readable, edible, and hangable) that we also played the stealing game with. We played games and ate till we exploded, as usual-then headed home to get Santa's cookie plate ready! :)

Sprinkling some special reindeer food on the lawn so they will be able to find our house!

Mommy forgot to get some cookies, so we had to improvise with Danish. ;)

Scrabble with Gram :)

This kid is a nut!

So, if you've never heard of this, click here ----> "Christmas Crackers." Thanks to my British-obsessed sister, we added a new tradition to our Christmas this year. ;) It was so much fun and we are definitely making this a tradition! We started opening up gifts with my parents and sisters after the kids go to bed so Garry and I can actually focus for more than 3 seconds. ;) Plus, it gives up something to look forward to Christmas night! 

I love Christmas. I love my family. And, I love traditions. :) 

The ending to another holiday season of memories...

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  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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