Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hudson lately.

This wild little 13 month old is walking all over the place now. He went from the world's fastest crawler, to basically running. He is ornery as all get out, but his sweet little smile along with his innocent eyes are most likely going to help him get out of all sorts of trouble. ;) 

He will pretty much repeat anything forming some sort of the word, usually the beginning or last syllable. Oh, and he has developed a love for screaming in the form of a loud "ehhhh" if he gets frustrated or if he's not getting his way. ;)

 Some of his favorite things to SAY now are: 
  • "shh"-Fish
  • "Nigh-Nigh"-As soon as he see his bottle he says this. If he's tired he will also sometimes say it while whining, and it's pretty much the cutest damn thing.
  • "Gabba"-Yo Gabba Gabba
  • "Nana"-Banana
  • Ma-ma, Da-da, Papa, Ball, Shoe, Bye-Bye, Bubba (for Daws), Baba (bottle)
FAVORITE FOODS: All fruit...especially mandarin oranges and blueberries!
FAVORITE SONG: Mommy's silly goodnight song :)
LOVES: Looking out the window, Swiftering the kitchen floor, continuing to wake Mommy and Daddy up for a bottle around 4/5ish in the morning (thank the lord he goes right back to sleep and takes the bottle on his own), playing with any musical toy involving balls, finding something he shouldn't then running with it while wearing the biggest smile on his face, and last but not least "talking" or trying to get anyone and everyone's attention when we are in public--apparently I only breed social kids. ;)

This boy has not slowed down a bit! He continues to keep us on our toes and has already had his first black eye before Dawson. I told my husband that Hudson will land us a trip to the ER way before Daws ever will. ;) I love watching Hudson grow and am looking forward to starting him in story time and Kindermusik soon! 
I am also bracing myself for the amount of fits that I foresee is this boy's future, ;)

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