Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Killion's Halloween Party

Because I do 99.9% of everything last minute this is how my hubs and I's covo went down in Wal-Mart as I'm trying to find us a last minute costume to wear three hours before the party.

Me: So since our anniversary is on Monday, why don't we just be a bride and groom. That is providing I can fit my fat ass into my wedding dress. <------WTH, was I thinking?!

Garr: Really? Ok, but why don't you get some make-up while you're there and we can be a zombie bride and groom.

Me: Done. That will be an accurate description of 2 kids and 7 years later. ;)

Fast Forward to when I got home and had to come face to face with my wedding dress. Let's just say it involved lots of laughing and me instructing Garr to zip my back fat in it...I don't care, just make it fit! He laughed, laughed some more, and then basically told me there was no chance in hell that it was going to fit. So after that slap back into the reality of two kids later, I headed to my closet to come up with plan B. Plan B involved a red dress from two New Years Eve's ago that also didn't fit. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Plan B was gonna have to be zombie prom king and queen. Every couple has to do that once, right? I cut the dress up at the bottom so i could squeeze said fat ass into it, and threw some leggins on underneath it. Because prom queens always have leggins under their dress----->Lame.City.  Whatever. I made it work. It was cut, and smeared with make-up to zombie it up. Then my apparent wanna-be make-up artist of a husband completed my zombie look. 

I have to say for basically pulling this out of our asses two hours pre-party, we did a pretty good job!
We had a blast! Thanks Killions for hosting a great party! 

Hanging with the big boys to help look for things on the Halloween scavenger hunt. My favorite was when they were looking for a monster and Daws says, "Hey my Daddy can be the monster since he's dressed like a zombie!" Touche! ;)

Halloween Pictionary

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