Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Hodge Podge

We have done so many fun Halloween/Fall things over the past couple of weeks. With everything going on, I just haven't had the chance to blog about them. So in honor of my laziness busyness, I'm just going to do an October photo dump with some of our happenings. :)

 {Haunted House the Children's Museum}

{Peewinkles: The Slightly Haunted Puppet Studio}

Daws with his buddy, Owen!

{Stonycreek Farm}

Daws and my Dad. I love this picture so much!
{Pumpkin Drop}
Note: There were SNOWFLAKES during this event. Say what? It was freezing, so we didn't stay long!

My FAVE morning show!

{Halloween Party at the Library}
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  1. First of all, your boys are too cute for words. But second, I LOVE all of these memories that you are creating with your family!! There will never be a day where you look back and say "I wish I would've blogged more" when they are only little for such a short time!! Enjoy every minute!!


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