Friday, February 28, 2014

Overnight getaway? Yes, please!

A few weekends ago I got a text from a friend (shout out to my awesome friend, Mary) asking if we would be able to use a voucher for a free hotel room in downtown Indy. Um, yes please! After we got the green light from my mom that she could watch the kids, I began counting down the minutes days until Saturday. 

Note: Always marry a man who never lets you forget your shampoo and conditioner in the hotel bathroom.
 That is true love, folks!

We knew we didn't want to do anything except stuff our face with our favorite snacks and relax. FYI-I can lay in bed, eat, and watch TV like it's my job. :) The night away was perfect and just what we needed. And, I even "slept in" until almost 8...which let's be honest, in mom world that is equivalent to noon. ;)

Heaven in a box.

Such a pretty view we woke up to. And for once, I didn't even mind it was snowing. :)

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