Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This poor little blog has been neglected over the past month, so here's my attempt to try and get back in the game! Garry and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on October 28th. And by celebrate, I mean he went to chorus and got home at midnight while I laid in bed, watched tv, and ate chips. ;) Hopefully, we will be able to squeeze in some sort of date night soon...but with a move and first birthday party planning going on,it's pretty much taking a back burner for the moment. 

This man is the only one who can drive me absolute insane yet be my everything all at the same time. We've been through a lot this past year, and have come out stronger because of it. I love the memories we are making, the gazillion of inside jokes we have, and even the hard times we have gone through because it has made us appreciate each other that much more. 

Side note: What I wouldn't give to be that skinny again.

And, this may just be my favorite picture we've ever taken. 
After all, life is way too short to take things too seriously all the time. :)

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